About Me

I'm a Flutter and Web developer with a background in music, art and design. I live in Colchester with my beautiful wife Vashti, and am currently looking for work in web / app development near Colchester.


App Development

I worked as a Developer for FreshPlay Ltd, below are a couple of the projects I worked on, coded in Flutter with Firebase backends.


Conale (short for Condition Alert) is a weather warning app where users can receive push notifications if the weather at a specific area meets a users conditions.

This app required integration with a client's Firebase backend with both Google and Apple login.

Original Wild - Code break Bath

Code Break Bath is a treasure hunt style app for Original Wild based in Bath.

My involvement in the development of the app includes both front end and back end development with many of the pages also being designed by me.

Game Development

Brawl Quest

Brawl Quest is a 2D top down RPG where the player joins their friends, exploring a magical world where there are monsters to fight, quests to complete and gear to be gathered. This is by far the largest game I have worked on, contributing to the artwork, code and even music.

Brawl Quest

Star Runner

Star Runner is a 2D side scrolling game where you play as a Space Ship that goes on an adventure, trying to gather coins and fighting monsters out among the asteroids whilst making sure you have enough fuel to get home. The game uses a combination of Box2D physics and resolution scaling so that the game runs on PC, tablet and mobile.

Apple App Store

Plugin Development


Flutter Series is a flutter plugin for improved row and column widgets with added spacing and optional interleaved dividers. This functionality is loosely based on Swift UI's HStack and VStack spacing attribute. This plugin has helped create readable code, reducing padding and margin headaches of widgets in rows and columns and has reduced unnecessary nesting.